About Me

About Me

Welcome to my shop! My name is Victoria Sims and I love crafting and baking. Crafting is a new found hobby that was my outlet during a time of health issues and infertility and it would brighten up my day by creating something beautiful. I decided to start my own business and maybe I can bring something beautiful into your home. I am so excited and looking forward to my new journey!
With Love,
Boss Lady
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Congratulations on your amazing journey Boss Lady! I discovered your brand looking for blinged out items for my daughter to inspire and encourage her. I don’t find it a coincidence that I was lead to your site or blog or to connect the two together. My daughter was recently faced with some major reproductive concerns and had surgery last April. Fertility is a major concern for her right now. I hope that products and blog prove to bring a great source of joy inspiration and most importantly encouragement to her a many others with the same experience. Thank you for your courage to share!
Tracy Grace


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